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Instructions for using the Ceramic Chef®:

  • Before using the first time, rinse with water and air or towel dry.
  • To prepare the cooking surface, use a light coat of spray vegetable oil.  The Ceramic Chef® is ready to be put on the grill rack or in the oven.
  • With use, the Ceramic Chef® will develop a natural dark seasoned patina.
  • The Ceramic Chef® can be placed on a cool or hot grill.  The grill temperature should be set from medium high to high heat to evenly cook, without fear of burning the food.
  • Frozen foods can be placed directly on a hot Ceramic Chef® for thawing and then cooking, without fear of damaging the stone.  Cut foods directly on the Ceramic Chef® with a knife without harming the stone.
  • The Ceramic Chef® retains heat after removal from the heat source, making it a handy warming plate, keeping foods ready to serve.
  • Use Caution when handling this product after heating it.  The Ceramic Chef® will become extremely hot when placed directly on a hot grill, over a cmp fire or in a heated oven.
  • Always use heat resistant gloves or hot pads to protect your hands when handling a warm Ceramic Chef®.
  •  The Ceramic Chef® is not designed for stove-top cooking.


Care and cleaning of the Ceramic Chef®:

  • The Ceramic Chef® is virtually watertight and cleans easily.
  • After grilling on the Ceramic Chef®, just use water and a stiff brush to remove any left over food. This will clean the cooking surface and still maintain the natural seasoning.
  • The Ceramic Chef® is dishwasher safe, but the washing action may remove the seasoning.
  • Because of the natural rough texture of ceramic products, be sure to protect surfaces from being scratched by covering them before placing the Ceramic Chef® directly on them.
  • The Ceramic Chef® is made of ceramic material and will crack or break if it is dropped or if it falls.