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Research and Development

After ten years of research, the formula for the Ceramic Chef® was developed.  The unique thermal properties which are designed into the Ceramic Chef® give the ability to withstand extreme temperature applications.  The Ceramic Chef® is an American made grilling and cooking stone that is so extraordinary that while it is on a grill or in the oven at a high temperature, ice water can be poured on it, and the Ceramic Chef® will remain in tact.  The even consistent heat of the Ceramic Chef® creates results like those of a gourmet brick-lined oven or grill making it an essential cooking tool.


The Ceramic Chef® is designed to be two cooking surfaces in one:

  • The ribbed side is great for grilling burgers, brats, chicken and other meats.
  • The flat side is perfect for toasting burger or brat buns, grilling vegetables, fish, tortillas and pizzas.
  • The even heat from the Ceramic Chef® will cook all foods to perfection without burning. 
  • Easy to use, place it right on the grill rack or in the oven or broiler.
  • Continuously hot surface cooks food evenly and quickly.
  • No food is lost through an open grill rack.
  • Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.
  • Seasons and darkens naturally like cast iron.
  • The more you use your Ceramic Chef® the more it becomes naturally seasoned and enhances the flavor of foods.
  • Frozen foods can be placed directly on a hot Ceramic Chef® for thawing and then cooking.
  • You can cut with a knife directly on the Ceramic Chef® without damaging it.
  • Retains heat after removal from grill or oven so can be used as a warming plate.
  • Cook, cut and serve on the Ceramic Chef®.
  • Designed for use only on the grill or in the oven, not designed for stove-top use.